Business SMS & MMS

Business SMS and MMS in your CRM

Gain the undivided attention and heightened engagement of prospects and customers by using personalized text, multimedia messages, and sequences.

Discover the advantages of using business texting and rich media

Are you aware that using SMS or MMS can provide you with a competitive advantage? Surprisingly, only 61% of businesses currently use these tools. Customers tend to prefer text messages over phone calls or emails and often choose to reach out to companies through text with their inquiries. Additionally, brands that respond to text messages are viewed more positively by customers.


Supercharge Your Sales with's Revolutionary SMS Features

From Seamless CRM Integration to Automated Follow-Ups: Discover How Our Comprehensive SMS Solutions Elevate Your Outreach Strategy

Focused outreach

Having a streamlined workflow is crucial to productivity. With SMS, you can seamlessly integrate texting into your daily sales process and keep all communication centralized within the CRM. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different apps and focus on reaching more leads efficiently. Send SMS with ease using just one click. Choose from pre-made templates or create your own personalized message. You can conveniently access replies and direct SMS messages within the CRM view or through your webphone.

Add Auto-SMS to your sales sequences

Enhance your communication and follow-up game by designing multi-channel sequences that involve SMS, emails, videos, and calls. Automate messaging according to specific lead criteria or the buyer's journey stage. Easily add contacts to SMS Sequences and establish follow-up triggers. You can send messages from any phone number that is enabled for SMS, whether it's a personal or company number.

MMS support, because sometimes plain words don't work

By enabling MMS support, your team can communicate seamlessly with their contacts by sending and receiving multimedia messages. These messages can comprise of images, videos, PDFs, and other files, making it simpler to share information and even add some entertainment to the conversation.

Receiving and sending texts across devices

Easily communicate with your potential and current customers on your everyday devices, such as computers and smartphones. Simply connect to the internet and start sending text messages using WiFi. Stay informed about your customers' feedback by receiving notifications for incoming messages on any device you use to access your business number. Take a look at our mobile app by following this link.

Flexible SMS Powerhouse: send business SMS from any number

Unleash the versatility of with this groundbreaking feature. Seamlessly send business SMS messages from your choice of numbers, be it your Company, Personal, or even RingLocal numbers. Empower your communication strategy and revolutionize customer engagement with's Flexible SMS Powerhouse.

Seamless CRM Communication: SMS integration for workflow efficiency

Streamline your CRM workflows with's cutting-edge feature. Seamlessly send SMS messages directly from your CRM system, ensuring efficient and effective communication. Enhance productivity and optimize customer interactions with's Seamless CRM Communication feature.

Effortless SMS Follow-ups: automate with a single click

Simplify your follow-up process with 's game-changing feature. Automate SMS follow-ups that require just one click to send, saving you time and effort. Streamline communication and nurture relationships effortlessly with 's Effortless SMS Follow-ups.

Try out the channels that truly engage

Channels are not created equally. You might discover that one is working better for your prospects or customers than other. We hand-picked channels and their combinations to deliver the percentage of engagement you can close your quota with.


Business SMS & MMS

Can I send business texts internationally?

No, unfortunately, as of now, doesn't support international text messaging (SMS or MMS).

What types of messages can I send and receive?

You have the ability to send and receive text messages (SMS). Additionally, you can send multimedia messages in any image format, provided that the file size does not exceed 5 MB for a one-time sending upload.

How many texts can I send?

You have the ability to send a single text message (SMS) containing up to 1600 characters. For MMS, you can send up to 10 images that don't exceed a combined total of 5 MB.

Can I send bulk SMS?

No, we don't support bulk SMS sending as we, as a company, strongly believe in a personalized approach to sales, customer support, and all the communication which involves human beings.

Can I use my toll-free number to send out SMS/MMS?

Yes, you can: we support sending messages from company, personal, toll-free, and RingLocal numbers.

Is there any limitation on storing my business texting messages?

No, there's no storage limit; we store your communication as long as you're being our customer.