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Empower your team to connect more effectively with donors and students using a powerful sales engagement platform

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Boost Non-Profit and Higher Ed Impact with Cutting-Edge Engagement

Leverage a sales engagement platform to improve donor and student experiences, fostering stronger connections and support

Centralized Donor and Student Communication

Manage all interactions with donors and students in one place, ensuring consistent and efficient communication.

Automated Outreach for Engagement

Automate follow-up emails and messages, freeing up time to focus on building relationships with donors and students.

Personalized Campaigns and Interactions

Tailor messages and outreach efforts based on individual interests and preferences, increasing engagement and support.

Data-Driven Insights

Use analytics to understand donor and student trends, helping to make informed decisions on fundraising and recruitment strategies.

Efficient Lead Management

Organize and prioritize donor and student leads effectively, ensuring no potential supporter or student is overlooked.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Improve collaboration between development and admissions teams, leading to more cohesive and effective campaigns.

Real-Time Tracking of Engagement Metrics

Monitor activities and performance metrics in real time, allowing for quick adjustments and improvements in strategies.

Scalable Outreach Efforts

Easily scale your outreach to accommodate a growing number of donors and students without losing personalization.

Improved Donor and Student Experience

Deliver a seamless and consistent experience to donors and students, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty to your organization.

Perfect Marriage of CRM and Cloud Telephony! VERY pleased and happy about the newest announcement from Zoho/Ringio is deeper integration for Screen Pop and even more kick-butt features!!

Stephanie M

Customer Success Manager

Exigo Group

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