Call Whisper

Call Whisper: Save the day from behind the scenes

Assist your sales team in sealing the deal without interrupting their flow of conversation.

Whisper in the Wind: Unveiling the Call Whisper Feature

Ever felt like you had the power to whisper secrets to someone on stage without the audience hearing a peep? Introducing the Call Whisper feature on our sales dialer. Now, train your team in real-time, offering guidance or tips, without the client ever knowing.


Ensure every pitch sounds perfect and every sale is a close.

Help out your rookie sales reps, or seasoned pros to do one thing - close that deal.

Easy to join, unintrusive help

Are you ready to take charge and become the driving force behind your business? With just a simple click, you can intervene and save the day with our cutting-edge feature. Whether you need to listen to a conversation in progress and provide discreet guidance to your sales rep without the other party even noticing, or jump in and participate in a conference call, we've got you covered.

Offer your assistance to an agent who experiences challenges

Are you a team player who's always looking out for your colleagues? When it comes to your business phone system, you can be the go-to hero for agents in need of assistance! If you notice an agent struggling on a call, don't worry – you can stay in the background and secretly relay tips on missing information and appropriate responses to help improve their conversation. And if they need more direct support, simply alert them that you're available and ready to swoop in and save the day.

Calling as a team

When it comes to challenging calls, you don't have to face them alone. With our team calling feature, you and your colleagues can tackle any conversation as a united front. During the call, the speaker can rely on their teammates or supervisor in the background to offer any necessary assistance and support. Together, you can conquer any challenge and come out stronger than ever.

Real-time coaching for teammates

With the whisper mode, you can easily train and guide new recruits on the job. Simply listen in on their calls and intervene at any moment to provide helpful tips, correct any mistakes, or steer the conversation in the right direction. And if things get really tough, you can even take full control of the discussion and show them how it's done. With your expert guidance and support, your team will be unstoppable and ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

Try out the channels that truly engage

Channels are not created equally. You might discover that one is working better for your prospects or customers than other. We hand-picked channels and their combinations to deliver the percentage of engagement you can close your quota with.


Call Whisper

What is a Call Whisper?

It's a powerful feature in business phone systems that allows you to secretly listen in on your agent's calls and provide real-time assistance without the other party even noticing. Think of it as being the ultimate secret agent of your business, ready to intervene and save the day at a moment's notice. With call whisper, you can coach new recruits, provide discreet guidance to struggling agents, or simply be there to offer support and assistance when needed.

How do I use the Call Whispering feature?

To open Live Monitor on the Web Phone, simply select the "Eye" icon. You will then be able to join a live call and communicate with the agent by clicking on the Call Whisper icon, which will turn red while coaching is in progress. You will hear a single beep to indicate the start of the coaching session.

What are the best use cases for a Call Whisper?
  • Training new call center agents: Let's say you have a new call center agent who is still learning the ropes. With call whisper, you can listen in on their calls and provide real-time coaching and guidance without the customer even noticing. For example, if the agent is struggling to answer a customer's question, you can whisper some tips on how to respond effectively.
  • Improving customer satisfaction: You can also use call whisper to improve customer satisfaction by providing agents with guidance and feedback during calls. For instance, if you notice an agent is struggling to handle a difficult customer, you can whisper some tips on how to de-escalate the situation and turn things around.
  • Call monitoring and call screening: Call whisper is also useful for call monitoring and screening. For example, if you're screening incoming calls and need to provide specific instructions to an agent before they answer, you can whisper those instructions to them before the call begins.
  • Call barging: In some cases, you may need to intervene in a call to resolve a situation quickly. With call barging, you can jump into the call and take control if necessary. For example, if an agent is struggling to handle an upset customer, you can barge in and help them resolve the issue on the spot.A сall whisper is a powerful tool for improving the customer experience and ensuring your sales reps are providing top-notch service. Whether you're training new reps, monitoring calls, or improving customer satisfaction, call whisper can help you take your customer service and sales process to the next level.