Customer Story

Townsquare Interactive helps Townsquare Interactive keep its sales & service reps running in the same direction, towards a common goal, faster every day.

Townsquare Interactive is a digital marketing organization that helps small businesses find more customers through managed digital marketing services. Based in Charlotte, NC, it has a sales & service staff of over 500 reps and is scaling fast.

Brett Boston

Brett is the Director of Product Management and Data Operations at Townsquare Interactive. An innovator, Brett’s main mission is to design, develop and deliver leading-edge technology to power Townsquare Interactive’s customer-facing teams.

Question one

What were the challenges you needed to solve before finding our product?


Scaling a Proactive Sales Model

Our company strategy is entirely proactive. And our sales strategy is quite aggressive too. Managing a team of sellers and service reps at this scale, you must understand and be able to assist them on their journey with clients. For the seller, we need to know how many pitches they make during the day. When we’re doing it well, when we’re doing it poorly, and when we’re doing it in the middle.

Developing a Deeper Understanding

It was critical to develop a better grasp of the daily conversations between our clients our service team. To understand the sentiments of the SMBs you serve. To visualize what your salespeople are doing, where they are failing, and where they are succeeding. And it was challenging to achieve it in an organization our size and scale without some solid technology to back it up.

Relying on a Better Tech Platform

We came across as we were experiencing difficulty scaling our organization. To maintain the degree of transparency and quality in how we wish to serve and communicate with our customers while scaling required a more comprehensive toolset.

Question two

What made our solution stand out over others during your research?


The software fit the business model

We have a particular business model. We do a lot of cold calling as well as lead management. And we are extremely thorough in standardizing many things across the organization. We want our sellers to follow a repeatable approach when bringing new business to a prospect. So the first thing that struck us about was that it appeared to fit what we required and how we needed to construct our business strategy, instead of forcing us to fit into how their platform worked. The software fit the business, and not the other way round.

Powerful Catalyst

We could integrate immediately and log every call in Salesforce, which was crucial, which was probably our first challenge. We had already worked with Salesforce on opportunities and leads, but combining that with simply logging any communication-related leads was critical for us and fit nicely into our business strategy. Before, we only had summary-level information.


We just knew how long the call was and who was on the other end. Because it was all manual, any coaching or management was essentially a lost cause. allowed us to throw a spotlight on all of the thousands of interactions our crew has on a daily basis. Adding that data layer to everything we do is critical for us or any data-driven business. And was able to fix the problem and make it possible.

Question three

What was it like to work with our team through the implementation?


Extension of our Team

Simply put., I believe, felt like a member of our team. It was simple because we have an engineering team on staff. understood what we were attempting to do, and it felt like an extension of our team while we were trying to find solutions to were our problems as a business, not your problems as a corporation. And to find that with a vendor is quite rare.

Aligned with our priorities

We also collaborate with a variety of partners on a variety of other projects. Rarely do you find a partner so aligned with your company’s priorities that they feel like an extension of your engineering, strategy, or product team. The most prominent thing that stuck out was the the cohesion of priorities.

Improving all the time

When we want to develop something new as a company, is right there; they want to do it with us because it enhances the relationship, and that definitely stands out.

We’re on your side when projects get challenging:

  • “ was always there to help us out.”
  • “I have a direct line of communication with everyone that I need on your side.”
  • “I have direct line communication with your leadership which is also really important.”
  • “When we faced challenges, you were readily accessible to us all the time, and we immediately launched into how do we solve them together.”
  • “Not waiting on something that could potentially impact hundreds and thousands of dollars for us as a business.”
  • “You were really just jumping, riding, getting your hands dirty, and helping us out as soon as we were ready to use, pretty much what I came to expect from”

Try out the channels that truly engage

Channels are not created equally. You might discover that one is working better for your prospects or customers than other. We hand-picked channels and their combinations to deliver the percentage of engagement you can close your quota with.