Call Recording

Record, analyze and store all of your inbound and outbound calls in your CRM

Ever wished you had a rewind button for your phone conversations? For those 'Oops, I missed that' moments, or just to relive a golden exchange? Say hello to 's Call Recording feature – it's like a time machine for your calls!

What is Call Recording?

This nifty feature empowers you to capture and replay conversations, making it a must-have for businesses and call centers. Think of it as a superpower for businesses – it's like having a playback of your team's greatest hits (and misses), helping you pinpoint training needs and spotlight success. The result? Skyrocketing performance and happy customers.


Automatically record both inbound and outbound calls and easily access them in your CRM

Get all the conversation records in one place, secured and at your disposal at any time

Coach and train your sales reps

Unleash your sales team's potential with call-recording software! Tune in to real-life conversations, analyze their performance, and pinpoint areas to polish. Celebrate victories, provide focused feedback, and get valuable insights into customer preferences. This versatile coaching tool not only elevates your team's skills but also boosts business revenue. It's time to play back success with call recording.

Record incoming and outgoing calls

Call recording: the game-changer every business needs. Capture crucial insights, replay important conversations, and spot areas for growth amidst the hustle and bustle of business life. Analyze customer needs and align your strategies, marketing, and customer service initiatives accordingly. A recorded call not only aids in resolving disputes but also serves as a valuable training aid for newbies. Stay ahead in the race and gear up your business for lasting success with the power of call recording.

Access all your phone calls recordings forever

Experience the power of limitless storage for call recordings - a game-changer for your business! Dive into a treasure trove of customer interactions, sparking growth and improvement without a worry about storage limits. From valuable insights and feedback to performance enhancement and decision-making, the sky is the limit. Compliance? Check. Quick resolution of disputes and minimal downtime? Double check. Welcome to the era of unlimited storage for call recordings, the asset your business needs.

Hard evidence in dispute resolution

Turn the tide on disputes with automatic call recording! This tool offers an unbiased record of all customer interactions, providing swift and fair resolution to any disagreement. Get the facts straight and action the necessary steps while safeguarding your business reputation and customer relationships. Avoid costly legal confrontations and bolster your customer trust. Opt for call recording - your indispensable partner for minimal risk and maximal rapport.

No more worrying about 2-party consent states

Stay on the right side of the law with's super smooth 2-Party Consent Call Recording feature! It's like having a built-in legal advisor that says, 'Relax, we've got your back.' In compliance-sensitive areas, our savvy system knows when to stick to 1-party recordings, keeping you fully compliant. Imagine being on a critical business call in a 2-party consent state. You hit 'record' with confidence, knowing you're in safe hands. - making compliance as easy as a button press.

Grant access to your team members

Unlock a world of team growth and productivity with accessible call recordings! Foster collaboration and boost performance as your team learns together, shares the gold-standard practices, and pinpoints room for improvement. Embrace continuous learning to skyrocket customer satisfaction, ramp up sales, and hike up productivity. Use call recordings for effective coaching and ensure a consistent customer service experience across the board. Let your team tune into success with call recordings.

Try out the channels that truly engage

Channels are not created equally. You might discover that one is working better for your prospects or customers than other. We hand-picked channels and their combinations to deliver the percentage of engagement you can close your quota with.


Call Recording

How long are call recordings stored with

Call recordings are securely stored in your  account until the account is closed. Whether you have a few calls per day or 100+, we store all of your voice recordings here at no additional charge.

How do I access my recordings?

It's easy! Log in to the Admin Portal. Click the Reporting & Analytics tab > select the user, department, or Number. Calls that have been recorded will be indicated with a Red circle in the Audio column. To download the call recording > click the three dots > and click Download.

Are call recording links shareable?

By default, the unique call recording links are shareable. Anyone that is provided with the unique call recording link can listen to the automatic recording and download the call recording.

Is it legal to record phone calls?

Call recording is legal in the US, but the laws and regulations around it can vary from state to state. In general, as long as one party in the conversation is aware that the call is being recorded, it is legal. This means that businesses can legally record calls with customers for a variety of purposes, such as quality assurance, employee training, and dispute resolution. However, it is important to be aware of the laws in your specific state to ensure compliance. For example, some states require both parties to be aware of the recording, while others only require one party's consent.