3 bulletproof ways to leave a voicemail that gets returned

November 2, 2021
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Iryna Koshelieva
Iryna Koshelieva
Senior Growth Marketer, Ring.io
3 bulletproof ways to leave a voicemail that gets returned

Let me get this out of the way, you’re doing voicemail wrong.

There are 3 ways to handle voicemail to the customer:

  1. Ask a question and give the answer about them.
  2. Offer an answer and pose a question about them. (Reverse #1)
  3. And, the most effective way: to have something valuable for them.

Did you notice anything? There’s no me or I in this list. It’s all about them.

If you can dig up facts about their family, their life, their industry or their business, you leave that message, you lay bait.

For example:

“Ms. Whitman, there are 3 things that will get your business flourishing next year. Number one: promote your HR, Lesley, she’s doing an exceptional job hiring your salesforce. Number two: automate the boring stuff, don’t make your salespeople manually enter data into CRM. Number three: oops, I’ve got to go. This is Iryna Koshelieva. If you want to talk further, call me at 111-222-3333.”

Got it? Don’t just read, try it right now!

Well, you can wait till the end of the article, but use this in practice.

You need to have information about your customers. If you sell SaaS products they don’t care about your new feature, but they do care about their business and increasing revenue.

You can lay bait even further.

If you really want to talk to an important customer but she’s ghosting you, leave fact number one on Monday, fact number two on Tuesday, fact number three on Wednesday, fact number four on Thursday.

On Friday you say, “There will be no fact today. If you want it – call me”.

Got it? Don’t just read, try it out!

And notice how you handle business in your own company:

  • You can over-use voice mail in your own business.
  • You may not be doing it the polite way.
  • You may have a stupid voice-mail message.

Got it? Don’t just read, fix it!


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