SMS & MMS Templates

Experience personalization and speed with SMS & MMS Templates

Who knew text messaging could be such a sales superstar? Say goodbye to long hours of writing individual messages and hello to the magic of SMS and MMS templates! Like having your very own messaging wizard, these templates whip up quick, snappy texts that still pack a personalized punch.

Jazz up your sales game with SMS & MMS Templates

Who said texts are just for emojis and late-night chats? In the high-speed world of sales, SMS & MMS templates are the new rockstars! Picture these templates as your own personal texting keyboard, but instead of cat gifs and smiley faces, they've got pre-crafted, customizable sales messages ready to roll. No more struggling to type out each individual text! Just pick a template, sprinkle in your customer's name, their fave products, or their last buy, and boom! You've got a personalized message that sings directly to them.


Unlock faster, more personalized customer engagements and supercharge your conversion rates today

SMS & MMS Templates bring you speed, scalability and consistency

Fast-track sales

Imagine you've got a superpower - a sales-boosting, time-saving, customer-wow-ing superpower. Welcome to the world of SMS & MMS templates! These aren't your regular text messages; they're the Batmobiles of sales, ready to speed your way to the top. Like a rocket-powered conveyor belt, they zip your personalized sales pitches straight to your customer's inbox. And the best part? They're as easy to use as a superhero cape. Just choose your message, customize it to your customer's liking, and watch your sales fly faster than a speeding bullet. So suit up, sales superheroes, it's time to fast-track your way to stellar success!

Personalize with power

SMS & MMS templates are like your personal sales DJ, remixing your usual sales tune to hit all the right notes with each unique customer. They're not just any old templates; they're text messages on a mission, customized to charm each customer's socks off! Picture each template as a shape-shifting sales chameleon, ready to transform with the customer's name, favorite products, or recent purchases. And the result? A symphony of sales pitches, each playing a tune that's music to your customer's ears. So get ready to turn the dial up on personalization - with SMS & MMS templates, you're the maestro of your sales orchestra!

Your sales accelerator

Picture this: you're behind the wheel of a sleek, supercharged sales machine. That's what using SMS & MMS templates feels like! These aren't your grandma's text messages; they're turbo-charged texts, primed to catapult your sales into the stratosphere. Just like a race car driver, you'll pick your route (or in this case, your template), fuel up with personalized details, and then... VROOM! Off your messages go, speeding towards each customer's inbox. So buckle up, salespeople, because with SMS & MMS templates, you're about to hit the sales fast lane!

Revamp repetition

SMS & MMS templates are like the snazzy new remix of your favorite classic tune - they've taken the repetition out of your sales texts and injected a whole lotta pizzazz! Forget about copy-pasting till your fingers hurt, these templates are the beatboxing champions of the sales world. With just a few clicks, they spin out unique, personalized texts that are as fresh as a summer hit on the radio. They're the perfect mix of consistency and customization - a little bit of the old, a little bit of the new. So dust off your sales playlist, because with SMS & MMS templates, it's time for the ultimate remix!

Try out the channels that truly engage

Channels are not created equally. You might discover that one is working better for your prospects or customers than other. We hand-picked channels and their combinations to deliver the percentage of engagement you can close your quota with.


SMS & MMS Templates

How much do SMS & MMS features cost?

You can check out the detailed pricing explanation here.

What can I personalize in the SMS text?

You can insert your prospect’s name and surname by default. Other fields from your CRM require configuring.

Is it legal to send SMS & MMS through your platform?

Yes! We add an option for your prospects to unsubscribe from the blasts, so it’s completely in adherence with the current laws.