PCI Phone Payments

PCI Phone Payments: Simplify Compliance and Payment Processing

PCI Phone Payments with Ring.io is the simplest, most secure way to process credit card payments over the phone. Whether in a call center or through an automated IVR, Ring.io Pay ensures that your sales reps and agents can securely collect payments without accessing personal cardholder data. This solution routes payments directly from the customer to your gateway, bypassing corporate systems and ensuring compliance with PCI standards.

Streamlined and Secure Payment Processing

With Ring.io, you can deploy a PCI-compliant IVR solution in your telesales call center to process credit card payments quickly and accurately. This solution is not only about maintaining the highest security standards but also about maximizing sales capture rates through efficient task completion. Ring.io Pay is compatible with major credit cards, including VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and enRoute. It works with over five payment gateways, with more integrations on the way. For businesses selling recurring services, Ring.io facilitates capturing card details via phone transactions, tokenizing this information, and integrating it into CRM systems for triggering workflows in recurring billing platforms.


Transform Payment Processing with Ring.io Pay: Fast, Secure, and Compliant

Efficient Credit Card Transactions, Quick Setup, Simplified PCI Compliance, and Smooth Recurring Payments Management

Efficient and Secure Transactions

Automate your payment process with Ring.io’s virtual terminal application, enhancing your call center's efficiency in processing credit card payments. This automation leads to higher sales capture rates, ensuring that your customers complete their transactions swiftly and securely.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Say goodbye to manual credit card processing. Deploy Ring.io Pay in your call center in a matter of days, or even hours. This rapid implementation streamlines your PCI compliance process, simplifying the handling of voice and call recordings.

Achieve Compliance with Ease

The fastest route to PCI compliance in call centers is to remove them from the scope of PCI. Ring.io Pay uses credit card tokenization and DTMF masking, making it easier to achieve PCI compliance for voice transactions swiftly and securely.

Streamlined Recurring Payment Management

Ideal for businesses with recurring services, Ring.io Pay captures card details for one-time transactions and integrates them into your CRM. This process sets up recurring payments in your billing platform seamlessly, ensuring consistent revenue streams with minimal effort.

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PCI Phone Payments

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