Custom Call Routing

Redefining efficiency in sales and customer support

Take your sales and customer support efficiency to the next level with Custom Call Routing. It's a game-changing solution that cleverly directs each call to the right person, ensuring quicker responses, more satisfied customers, and a smoother workflow for your team.

Mastering customer communications in sales and support

With Call Blast, your whole team gets the call at once—perfect for groups of 5-10. For bigger teams, Escalating Routing calls each member one by one until someone answers. The Round Robin feature ensures fairness by sending calls to the agent who's been idle the longest, and missed calls simply move to the next idle agent. This keeps talk time balanced and ensures everyone gets equal opportunities, especially for sales teams.


Boost Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction, Fairness, and Sales with Custom Call Routing

You get to decide how each call should be routed based on CRM attributes of a lead, and real-time availability of reps and skills

Improved Efficiency

Custom Call Routing streamlines the call process by ensuring that each call is directed to the right individual or team. This reduces the time spent on rerouting calls and enables your team to handle more calls in a shorter period.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By directing the customer to the most appropriate person to handle their query, Custom Call Routing ensures a more effective and faster resolution. This leads to higher customer satisfaction levels and promotes customer loyalty.

Fair work distribution

With features like Round Robin, Custom Call Routing ensures an equitable distribution of calls among team members. This can help maintain a balanced workload and improve employee morale.

Increased sales opportunities

In sales, speed is often of the essence. Custom Call Routing ensures that potential sales calls are quickly directed to the available sales personnel, reducing the chance of missed opportunities and improving conversion rates.

Try out the channels that truly engage

Channels are not created equally. You might discover that one is working better for your prospects or customers than other. We hand-picked channels and their combinations to deliver the percentage of engagement you can close your quota with.


Custom Call Routing

Which call routing algorithm should I choose?

Here’s an in-depth article on the benefits and use cases of each of the algorithms.

What user routing options are available?

If a user is unavailable, calls can be transferred to another user, a department, an external number, a menu, voicemail, or the call can be ended.

What happens to calls after business hours?

Calls can be routed based on custom business hours settings. Options include transferring to a voicemail, another department, or an external number.

How does Round Robin routing work?

Round Robin routes calls to the agent with the longest idle time. If the agent misses the call, it moves to the next longest idle agent, ensuring fair distribution.