Dial any phone number in a flash with our click-to-call feature

By reducing the time it takes to dial a phone number and simply click, your team can connect with customers and prospects faster than ever before. With every second saved, you'll be able to accomplish more and achieve your goals in record time.

Do you ever get tired of typing in phone numbers to make a call?

Click-to-call is here to save the day! With just a click of a button, you can instantly connect with customers and prospects. It's as easy as clicking on a phone number on your computer or mobile device, and your call will be automatically dialed for you. Say goodbye to manual dialing and hello to more time and productivity with click-to-call.


Take your business to the next level with click-to-call

Eliminate the need for manual dialing and streamline the calling process for your sales reps, so they can save time and thus increase sales productivity.

Boost your productivity and close more deals

With just one button, you can compress every string of digits into a single click, eliminating the need for copy-pasting and manual dialing. Say goodbye to human error and hello to more time and efficiency.

Instant dialing capabilities of click-to-call

Make it easy for your reps to do outbound calls. With a Google Chrome extension, you can even make calls directly from your computer screen, bypassing the need for desk phones altogether. And with the ability for users to skip straight to your CRM system, click-to-call is the perfect solution for businesses looking to increase efficiency and streamline their workflow.

Click-to-dial magic button

With a click-to-call dialer, you can enjoy unlimited calling capabilities and call lists that are both fast and efficient. With a simple click-to-call button on your web page, sales reps can make outbound calls to your customers with just a single click. This means that you can initiate calls without manually dialing phone numbers, saving time and increasing the sales rep's efficiency.

Give your sales reps a gift of time

Imagine how much more your team could accomplish if they had even just a few extra seconds each hour. With R's click-to-dial feature, those seconds can quickly add up. And when combined with our other time-saving features, your agents can spend more time doing what they do best: selling to prospects and solving customer issues.

Try out the channels that truly engage

Channels are not created equally. You might discover that one is working better for your prospects or customers than other. We hand-picked channels and their combinations to deliver the percentage of engagement you can close your quota with.



How does click-to-call feature work?

Click-to-call is a simple and convenient technology that allows two people to connect instantly with just the click of a button. When integrated with your CRM, it saves time and enables outbound and inbound calls between businesses and their customers. Additionally, by adding a click-to-call button on your website, customers can easily initiate a call with your sales team, improving customer experience and boosting conversions.

Can I use the click-to-call link on mobile?

You can enjoy the click-to-call feature on all your devices with, whether it's a smartphone or desktop.

What about international numbers?

With click-to-call, you can connect with people locally and make unlimited calls globally without worrying about country codes. 's system works seamlessly across the world, making it easy for you to connect with anyone, anywhere.

How do I set up click-to-call?

After you install the chrome extension, by default, the click-to-call feature is enabled. If you are unable to use the click-to-call feature, verify the setting has been enabled.