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Warm transfer – pass the conversation from one agent to another

September 29, 2021
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Iryna Koshelieva
Iryna Koshelieva
Senior Growth Marketer,
Warm transfer – pass the conversation from one agent to another

New feature on the block! – Happy to announce warm transfer, that will make your customer experience smoother and your team member work easier.

Warm transfers are here to save the day

Want to transfer relevant knowledge without the caller hearing it? That is the task for our superhero – warm transfer!

Perfect solution for:

  • call center operator who wants to transfer one user to a specific agent but spare him the need to repeat the information she just heard
  • virtual receptionist service worker who wants to include personal greeting for the business owner before transferring calls
  • contact center agent who wants to make sure he will transfer the call to the right person

Make all customer calls awesome using modern telecommunications to their fullest – don’t make your customers repeat information they’ve just given to the first person on a line.

What is cold transfer and why it’s so out of fashion?

Well, it might be just that we as humans are warm-blooded and like the sun. But there’s more to it under covers:

  • cold transfer (or blind transfer as it used to be called) is simply transferring the call from original agent to the new agent without the background information
  • cold transfers happen without the live agent or live receptionist
  • blind transfers well, kind of self explanatory, blind – transferred incoming calls to a destination agent, leaving him in complete ignorance about the customer’s query
  • imagine a situation when caller reaches agent missing on the other end – then he will be transferred to voicemail

But remember, not all call transfers are created equal. Warm transfer is not always necessarily better than a cold transfer. For instance, when the agent answers and realizes that the caller reached the wrong department, she should just transfer a call to appropriate line.

Transfer calls without a hitch

Making a warm transfer is as simple as clicking the transfer button.

For a more in-depth warm transfer manual visit our help center.

You can transfer a call to an internal (to your team members or to another department) or an external number (to any number outside your business).

Click – pick – transfer the call – enjoy!

Yes, call transfer can be that easy.

How did you live without call transfers?

We don’t know either.

But we have something else for you!

Pro tip:

For the best customer experience make sure your transfer process is accompanied by some pleasant hold music. Here’re some useful guidelines on picking one for your business. Don’t forget to be creative and always think first about your customer.


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Warm Transfer

The Essence of Warm Transfer

The Warm Transfer method is pivotal in maintaining the continuity of customer conversations. When an agent transfers a call, they first brief the receiving team member about the ongoing conversation. This briefing includes the context of the conversation, any potential difficulties, and tips for handling the customer. This approach ensures that the transfer is smooth, and the new agent is well-prepared to continue the interaction without missing a beat. It's a strategy that not only enhances customer satisfaction but also empowers agents to handle calls more effectively.

Warm Transfer


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