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Product Release
The Autumn 2023 release introduces significant updates like Hubspot workflow actions and a new Click2Email feature to improve workflow and productivity. Additionally, it includes enhancements such as area code protection, phone number registration for A2P 10DLC, TrustHub for campaign management, SMS logging in Hubspot CRM, and a more efficient Power Dialer method, demonstrating's commitment to evolving user needs.
The integration of HubSpot Workflows with is revolutionizing sales automation, making it essential for teams seeking to enhance efficiency and lead engagement. This powerful combination allows for immediate response to inquiries, smart multi-channel follow-ups, and personalized sales sequences, offering businesses a comprehensive tool to significantly improve lead nurturing and sales-ready lead generation at a lower cost.
Prioritize is excited to announce the beta launch of their app for Android, bringing the same feature-rich and user-friendly experience from iOS to Android users. This new app offers streamlined calling, integrated dialing from various apps and systems, voicemail drop, automatic CRM logging, easy call transfer, customizable caller ID, a comprehensive communication hub, smart call features, and a built-in SMS function, aiming to simplify and enhance communication for its users.
Engage has launched an iOS app designed for the modern, mobile sales professional, enabling them to work seamlessly from anywhere, be it a coworking space in Grenoble or the comfort of their home. This app allows users to make calls using their professional number, ensuring calls are logged in their CRM, offering crystal-clear audio, and even recording calls if needed—all from their iPhone, blending the power of a computer with the versatility of a phone.
Prioritize introduces Custom Fields, transforming sales calls by displaying crucial CRM data right on the seller's screen during the call. Now, sellers can instantly see personalized information like a prospect's pet ownership, enabling them to tailor their pitch for products like vacuum cleaners more effectively, enhancing the chances of closing a deal.
Transform your sales coaching with the innovative Call Whisper feature, designed for both new and seasoned sales professionals. This tool allows sales leaders and managers to provide real-time guidance during calls, enhancing performance, boosting confidence, and ensuring deals are navigated skillfully towards success.
New Feature
Introducing the warm transfer feature, designed to streamline customer service and enhance teamwork by allowing call center agents to pass on calls to the most suitable team member without making the customer repeat their issue. Unlike the outdated cold transfer, warm transfer ensures a seamless transition with background information, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction in every call.
Engage's integration with Zendesk is a game-changer for support and customer service teams, offering seamless call management capabilities right within Zendesk. This powerful combination provides unlimited calling, full call recording, dynamic IVR, advanced reporting, and live monitoring, ensuring your team can focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences without the hassle of manual data entry.
Boost your Hubspot CRM with Power Dialer, designed to enhance sales and customer service team productivity with features like auto-progress calls and voicemail drops. It's simple, yet powerful, ensuring your reps focus on selling rather than data entry, with customizable options to fit your team's needs.
New Feature
Ringio just got better with a new feature that lets you pick how your phones ring: all at once or one after the other. This means less noise and missed calls, making life a bit easier for everyone using it!
Product Release
Discover the Ringio iPhone App and bring your office phone system with you anywhere! Learn more and get it from the Apple App Store.

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