Together, We Shine: Celebrating our achievements

September 29, 2023
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Iryna Koshelieva
Iryna Koshelieva
Senior Growth Marketer,
Together, We Shine: Celebrating our achievements

We’ve been working hard all summer towards a better and more efficient service. And guess what? The numbers are in, and we couldn’t be more excited!

G2 has published its 2023 Fall report, and we’re humbled and grateful. Your valuable feedback has propelled us to notable positions in various categories, portraying a picture of mutual growth and understanding. Every click, every review, every rating on G2 was a gesture of trust, and today, we are here to celebrate this trust.

Americas Regional Grid® Report Awards:

  •    Ranked #15 out of 31 for Auto Dialer.
  •    Ranked #15 out of 49 for Outbound Call Tracking.
  •    Got High Performer badges.

Small-Business Americas Regional Grid® Awards:

  •    Ranked #8 out of 22 for Auto Dialer.
  •    Ranked #14 out of 33 for Contact Center.
  •    Got High Performer badges.

Usability Index for Auto Dialer Awards:

  •    Ranked #7 out of 19 in Small-Business sector.
  •    Ranked #9 out of 30 overall.

Small-Business Usability Index for Contact Center Award:

  •   Ranked #6 out of 38.
  •   Earned badges for Easiest Admin and Easiest To Use.

Small-Business Results Index for Contact Center Award:

  •    Ranked #1 out of 35.
  •    Got the Best Results badge.

Small-Business Results Index for Auto Dialer Award:

  •    Highlighted for Best Estimated ROI, ranked #8 out of 18.

Small-Business Relationship Index Awards:

  •    Easiest To Do Business With for both Auto Dialer (#9 out of 20) and Contact Center (#9 out of 41).

Implementation Index for Auto Dialer Awards:

  •    Ranked #5 out of 19 in Small Business category.
  •    Ranked #5 out of 30 in General category.
  •    Got badges for Easiest Setup and Highest User Adoption.

Small-Business Grid® Report for Auto Dialer Award:

  •    Ranked #10 out of 28.
  •    Maintained High Performer status.

Each badge we earned and each position we secured, is a reflection of your enduring support and honest feedback.

We are more than thankful for this communal journey and the open dialogue that has fueled our endeavor for betterment. Here’s to more growth, learning, and mutual success.

Thank you for being our inspiration, our critics, and our biggest supporters!


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