5 Sales Operations Trends and 10 Tools Driving Sales Productivity

July 9, 2015
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Sam Aparicio
Sam Aparicio
Co-founder & CEO,
5 Sales Operations Trends and 10 Tools Driving Sales Productivity

One of the big trends in sales productivity is that data is becoming more accessible.

It’s easier than ever to collect data from disparate sources, pull it together, and make data-driven decisions throughout your sales organization. So it probably comes as no surprise that our five major trends driving sale productivity increases are heavy on collecting data, and putting it to good use.

Say Goodbye to Data Blindspots

You have multiple streams of data coming from disparate sources, and in the past it could be quite difficult to bring all of that data together. No more. With tools that connect data from different sources, you don’t have to worry about data blind-spots.

Big data used to be the realm of big corporations, but now even small-business sales teams have access to predictive analytics. The goal is simple – make big data actionable.

InsightSquared – allow your team to parse and analyze sales data, without the need for advanced Salesforce or SOQL knowledge.

Infer – identifes ideal prospects based on their potential to generate revenue.

Invest in Customer Success Technology

Customer success technology is an important tool for building and managing relationships with your customers. It allows your reps to enter a big meeting or call with detailed knowledge of their client, and a well-planned strategy for how to appeal to that client’s needs. That’s why sales and customer success are becoming more aligned than ever. Salesforce has even rebranded as the Customer Success Platform.

Customer success technology isn’t limited to your CRM however. Many sales apps and tools offer functions that can be used for customer success.

Gainsight – combines multiple customer success tools into one powerful platform.

ToutApp – nurture customers at scale and sync with Salesforce.

Use Data-Driven Processes for Hiring, Training, and Coaching

Hiring and training, especially, have always been difficult challenges.Using data-driven practices for hiring and training will help you to better identify employees with potential, and develop training processes that get the most out of their skills.

The same goes for coaching reps who have been with you for a while. No matter what skill you are working on with a rep, you have data available to help you guide their coaching.

CloserIQ – connects top sales reps with companies that are hiring.

Ambition – uses data to gamify your training and coaching. Injecting some fun into the process is a great way to keep your reps relaxed and refreshed as they develop their skills.

Make Mobile a Priority

Treating mobile sales enablement as an afterthought is a big mistake when you’re looking for productivity gains.

Every member of your sales team has a powerful productivity enhancer right in their pocket, but they need the right tools to truly unlock it.

Mobile sales enablement gives your team a practical, powerful tool to use in the field. And mobile isn’t just for smartphones anymore, either. The Apple Watch is gaining steam, and Salesforce already has an app to help you get the most out of your new gadget.

YesWare for Mobile – mobile email tracking for sales productivity.

Ringio – log mobile calls to Salesforce and sync CRM contacts and notes.

Keep your CRM data fresh, automatically

Every reputable survey on CRM has plenty of positive things to say about the technology, but there’s also one common complaint.

Sales reps really dislike manual data input, and it can be a key hurdle in getting your reps to embrace CRM.

While accurate and complete data is key to an efficient sales pipeline, entering and updating CRM data requires time, and your reps would rather spend that time closing deals.

So, why not have it both ways? With third-party data, you can update your CRM data automatically, without pulling your reps away from more high-impact tasks.

Datanyze – helps you identify new leads by analyzing the tools use by your current customers.

Ringlead – automatically cleans, enhances, and protects your CRM data.


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