11 Motivational Videos To Inspire and Spark Your Sales Team

November 22, 2022
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Elizabeth Bordiuh
Elizabeth Bordiuh
Copywriter, Ring.io
11 Motivational Videos To Inspire and Spark Your Sales Team

Many companies are looking to hire experienced and self-sufficient salespeople who won’t be too much of a hassle. Others seek to employ young specialists, teach them everything and grow them for their business.

In both cases, sales managers are provided with appropriate working conditions, trained as necessary, and specific results are expected. But most executives and account managers neglect motivating their team to achieve more.

Why is it so important?

Every company wants to grow and increase its revenue, but it can’t be possible without growing of every employee. And self-development is always about making additional efforts, which not everyone is ready for.

So, it would be best if you did something to motivate your sales team, such as showing the most motivational videos and discussing them in team meetings.

Why are sales motivational videos so effective?

Not everyone in a managerial position knows how to give a motivational speech. And it is OK; they can use ready-made recordings of the speeches of famous and successful people who can motivate and inspire others.

Why are videos better than articles? According to Hubspot, “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.”

Plus, the text cannot convey emotions, intonation, facial expressions, and other non-verbal signals, which also significantly impact us. Therefore, it is the video that will make the most significant impression and will be able to cause an appropriate emotional reaction.

Another advantage of motivational videos is the time you need to watch them. Such videos last up to 10 minutes on average and contain the most concentrated and valuable information.

Let’s take a look at 11 powerful motivational videos that you can show to your sales reps.

Steve Jobs: Love what you do

Steve Jobs can be considered one of the most motivated and goal-oriented entrepreneurs of all time. Most people believe that his constant need for perfection drove him to work hard on projects, but his greatest motivation was his desire to leave something behind that would change the world.

He also sincerely loved what he was doing, so he was convinced that all truly successful people also loved their work.

View time – 1 minute.

Lou Holtz: Remember about basic values

Louis Leo Holtz is a former American football player, coach, and analyst. Now he is 85 years old, and he is still an active and inspiring person. He is also very positive and kind, with clear views and values, which he advises others to do.

What are the three values he relies on? Find out in the inspiring video.

View time – 6 minutes.

Oprah Winfrey: Fill yourself up

Oprah Winfrey gives extraordinary advice on how to live your life. Follow this wisdom, and you will be a better person. Fascinating, motivational speech by one of the most influential women.

View time – 10 minutes.

Mark Zuckerberg: Keep moving forward

Mark Zuckerberg can be called a transformational leader. He motivates his employees by setting a clear vision and goals and providing opportunities that allow his employees to develop.

This great leader never chased money for business’ sake. He had a great vision – connecting people and uniting the whole world. And despite everything, he was moving towards this goal.

The greatest success comes from having the freedom to fail.

M. Zuckerberg

View time – 4 minutes.

Muniba Mazari: Believe and be grateful

This video with a famous “Iron lady of Pakistan” speech will not leave anyone indifferent. Muniba Mazari shared her inspiring real-life story and showed by her example that even the most brutal blows of fate, like a devastating car accident, could be endured. We should even be grateful for them. After all, they make us think about the essential things and reevaluate our lives.

Her advice is to be grateful for those people and things we have now and believe everything is for good.

View time – 7 minutes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Have a vision

Throughout his impressive career in bodybuilding and movies, and as the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has succeeded due to his ability to assess the situations he finds himself in, as well as his ability to visualize and have a grand vision for the future.

Should a sales rep have a vision? Of course. And it is not only about understanding the company’s vision, but he should have a great vision of the world he wants to live in.

View time – 10 minutes.

Simon Sinek: Be an infinite player

Simon Sinek is a staunch optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. Also, he is a famous motivational speaker and the author of five books about inspiring people and encouraging them correctly.

View time – 10 minutes.

Warren Buffett: Be people-oriented

Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest men alive, amassing his fortune through a successful investment strategy. But he is famous not only because of his wealth, but also because he is a wise leader and inspirational speaker.

The main advice he gives to companies and sales teams who want to be successful and become world-famous is to focus on people and their customer experience. Besides, it is one of the main trends in marketing nowadays!

View time – 16 minutes.

Gary Vaynerchuk: Be positive

Gary is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients. He is also a prolific public speaker and venture capitalist.

On the whole, Vaynerchuk is sure that a positive view of life and things that happen is the key to success.

View time – 4 minutes.

Denzel Washington: Take chances and be ready to fail

The motivational video consists of parts of Denzel Washington’s commencement speech.

Denzel Washington changed the entertainment business by changing the roles of African-American actors in films. With his true character and confidence, he took on challenging roles and became one of the best and most successful actors of all time.

In his regular speeches, he inspires university graduates to face difficulties and not be afraid of failure because it is an important part of the path to success. But his advice is relevant to the sales industry as well.

View time – 10 minutes.

Dan Pena: Be hungry

What character trait does “Trillion Dollar Man” think is the most essential to become successful? Ambition, thirst for new achievements, or, as he said, “You need to be hungry.”

View time – 8 minutes.

Whose words made the biggest impression on you?

Great leaders inspire action, it is true. But you can motivate salespeople with numbers regularly as well. Use relevant metrics, help your agents achieve their personal goals and monthly plans, and train with pleasure, here and now.

Live Call Monitoring from Ring.io can help you monitor your sales reps’ work and add several gamification points. For example, use a leaderboard to track current performance and motivate your employees.

Use as many tools as possible to inspire and support your sales team. After all, your success tomorrow depends on their actions today.


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