Appointment Setting Dialer

An Appointment setting dialer software that gets you more meetings, faster

When it comes to generating pipeline, nothing beats the power of a well-timed phone call. That’s why so many appointment setting companies choose to boost their outbound calling. Our power dialer is tightly integrated with the CRM of your choice, automating all aspects of making the call.

All your reps need is + a headset and we take care of the rest. See for yourself why reps who use love it and cannot live without it.

How to generate more meetings with our appointment setting dialer

  • In your favorite CRM, browse to the list of leads, contacts etc. that you wish to call
  • Right click and add them to’s Power Dialer
  • Start your dialing session lets reps focus on what to say while it does the rest. If you get a voicemail box, leave a pre-recorded message to drop a pre-recorded voicemail. If you get a live answer, just start your pitch. With it’s easy to disposition your calls, log them into the CRM, send follow up emails and schedule follow up calls.

See for yourself why is Outbound, Simplified.

How to generate more meetings with our appointment setting dialer

6 Reasons to pick

You could roll it out today

It’s easy to get set up with! You’ll be calling from your CRM in minutes with absolutely nothing to configure, and smart defaults for most things you may like to customize.

Free to try, easy to buy

Don’t settle for any vendor that demos their platform – try it for yourself.’s free trial will have your team calling in no time and then you can buy in just a few clicks, with no gimmicks.

It will fit your CRM like a glove

We regularly hear from customers that has the best CRM integrations in the market. See for yourself how can adapt to your particular sales process, and not the other way round.

Capture all the right data automatically

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. With you can measure all the things: connect rates, call to meeting set ratios, pickup rates, call volumes, talk time by rep, effectiveness of voicemail messages, who pitches well and who bumbles on calls.

Modern software that reps will love

Most dialers suck and are infuriating to use. Your reps deserve the best, because a highly usable platform results in more calls. Give them the best.

Grow your budget smartly: pay as you scale

Get pricing that grows with you! From side hustles to big biz, pay only for what you use—no extra fluff. Find your perfect plan, whether you're just kicking off or scaling up. It's that easy.

Perfect Marriage of CRM and Cloud Telephony!

We spent months reviewing Cloud Telephony platforms to add to our portfolio and had very stringent requirements. Exigo Group is a "Born in the Cloud" Systems Integration firm and we choose Vendor solutions very careful as we only incorporate "nimble" integration ready technology into our mix.

We had hoped Ring Central would come into play with API we need for connectivity to Zoho and the Zoho Suite of solutions however, the roadmap for that has long been delayed and our clients couldn't wait. We found Ringio. We launched them in our own corporate infrastructure and have never looked back! We have now deployed Ringio in over 5 client environments and not one unsatisfied human nor any major gotchas along the way.

VERY pleased and happy to also add that not only does Ringio integrate with Google and Zoho but the newest announcement from Zoho/Ringio is deeper integration within the CRM platform for Screen Pop and even more kick-butt features!! It just gets better!!

Stephanie M

Exigo Group

Try out the channels that truly engage

Channels are not created equally. You might discover that one is working better for your prospects or customers than other. We hand-picked channels and their combinations to deliver the percentage of engagement you can close your quota with.