Shared Sequences

Streamline Your Sales Engagement with Shared Sequences

Harness top sales strategies with Shared Sequences. Access and adapt proven calls, SMS, and email combos, boosting your sales efforts on a collaborative platform.

Simple sharing and customization for maximum impact

Easily create and share sales Sequences with a click, customize them to fit any style, and elevate your team's performance, ensuring all members excel in sales engagement.

If a sequence is a recipe to produce sales engagement, Shared Sequences is your organization’s cookbook

  • Any one in your team can create a Sequence of touchpoints and share it with one click.
  • Any one in your team can use a Shared Sequence that someone else created, and tweak it.
  • If you are your team’s sales engagement mastermind, easily level up your teammate’s more handicapped communication style


Unlock the Benefits of Shared Sequences

Accelerate sales engagement and drive results with collaborative strategy development

Faster Access to Winning Strategies

Shared Sequences accelerates the discovery and distribution of the most effective sales sequences, ensuring your team always has the best tools at their disposal.

Independence from Marketing

Break free from relying on marketing for messaging creation. Empower your sales team to craft messages that convert.

Self-Sufficient Touchpoint Delivery

Eliminate the dependency on others to execute touchpoints. Shared Sequences puts the power of engagement back in the hands of your sales team.

Quick Conversion Tracking

Identify the most effective sales engagements with precise conversion tracking. Adjust and iterate strategies to continuously improve sales performance.

Try out the channels that truly engage

Channels are not created equally. You might discover that one is working better for your prospects or customers than other. We hand-picked channels and their combinations to deliver the percentage of engagement you can close your quota with.


Shared Sequences

What is a Shared Sequence?

A Shared Sequence is a predefined series of touchpoints (calls, SMS, emails) created by team members for sales engagement. These Sequences can be shared and customized within the team to ensure optimal communication strategies are used to engage prospects effectively.

How can I create a Shared Sequence?

Creating a Shared Sequence is straightforward. Simply compile a series of sales engagement touchpoints you've found effective and use the platform to share it with your team with just one click. You can include any combination of calls, SMS, and emails.

Can I modify a Sequence that someone else has shared?

Yes, any team member can take a Shared Sequence and tweak it to better suit their communication style or the specific needs of a prospect. This flexibility allows for personalized engagement while leveraging proven strategies.

How does Shared Sequences benefit our sales team?

Shared Sequences foster a collaborative environment where sales strategies are openly shared and optimized. This not only speeds up the process of finding the most effective sales engagement methods but also empowers each team member to perform at their best by utilizing and refining these strategies.

Is there a limit to the number of Sequences I can create or share?

Typically, there is no set limit to the number of Sequences you can create or share. This ensures that your team has a wealth of resources and strategies at their disposal, encouraging continuous improvement and adaptation to market changes.