Selling to SMBS

Learn how to master selling to small and medium businesses and everything you need to know about how SMBs buy technology

Grow Revenue By Increasing SMB Sales

SMBs represent 99% of American employing businesses, and 66% of new American jobs post-1970 come from SMBs. They account for just over 50% of nonfarm US domestic GDP, around $6bn altogether, and account for 39% of workers in high-tech jobs. They’re diverse, and they’re an ideal sales target for SaaS and other solutions that offer plug-and-play capability at relatively low price points.

Most SMBs have the potential to grow, though many will never achieve enterprise ($50m+ revenue) status. For vendors of scalable solutions, SMBs represent a chance to grow with your clients.

In this ebook, we’ll talk about what makes SMBs different from enterprise and startup clients as sales targets, what salespeople can offer SMB clients to stand out, and how to successfully sell to SMBs.This ebook includes 6 sections about the SMB market, how SMBs buy technology, and the actionable steps you need to take to close more deals.

1 – Why Sell to SMBs At All?

2 – What Does the SMB Market Look Like?

3 – Who Does the Buying in SMBs?

4 – What do SMBs See as Valuable?

5 – What Motivates SMBs to Buy?

6 – SMB Selling: Challenges and Opportunities

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