4 Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Social Selling

September 16, 2014
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Sam Aparicio
Sam Aparicio
Co-founder & CEO, Ring.io
4 Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Social Selling

Social selling requires action and an investment of time. Put more effort into the process, and you’re going to see better results. The challenge is finding a way to channel that effort efficiently, and avoid the time-wasting pitfalls that can come with social selling.

To do that, you need a clear plan of attack for each day. Start by figuring out how much time you can dedicate to social selling each day, then decide how to divvy up that time among your key selling tasks. Here are four proven habits for social selling success that you should work into your routine every day.

Take Time to Listen

Don’t be the proverbial used car salesperson who aggressively tries to pitch anyone who comes within 100 feet of the lot. To sell on social, you’ve got to start by listening. In this context, listening also means watching and reading. In other words, pay attention to what people are saying and doing on the social channels you use to sell.

Learn how the community interacts overall, and how people operate in your specific niche. Listening may not come with the same glitz as trying to close a sale, but it’s just as important to the process. That’s doubly true on social media, where trends change so quickly that anyone who’s not paying attention is quickly left in the dust.

  • Try looking for groups related to your industry, or using a site’s search function to mine relevant topics. Most social sites now offer something similar to Twitter’s trending topic list, another great resource for finding conversations.
  • Listening is even more important in small scale, one-on-one interactions. Before you engage a prospect, take the time to read through their profile and learn about who they are. This will help you develop a game plan for selling, and it shows connections that you’re paying attention to them.

Respond, Respond, Respond

A “dead” social page is worse than having no social page, at all. Never forget the social aspect of social selling. When someone sends you a message or public interaction, don’t leave them hanging. You don’t need to check your notifications fanatically and respond instantly. Just dedicate some time each day to social interaction, and avoid letting messages slip through the cracks.

  • When you respond, add a personal touch. It can be related to the message you’re responding to, or a detail found on your connection’s profile page. This lets your connection know that you see them as more than just a potential sale.
  • Responding isn’t only about impressing an individual connection. When other people look through your public interactions and see that you respond regularly, they’ll be more likely to engage.


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