Send Email from CRM Workflow

Automate Personalized Sales Emails

Mass personalized emails from CRM workflows, ensuring engagement without sacrificing deliverability

Craft, trigger, and send without losing the personal touch

Use's Template Editor to design your ideal email, set up a trigger based on CRM events, and automate sending with personalization at scale. When activated, pulls the correct lead data from your CRM, sends the email through your rep’s outbox, and ensures every communication is tracked for complete visibility.

How to send mass personalized emails automatically right from within CRM workflows without sacrificing deliverability or personalization

  • Craft the perfect email template in’s Template Editor
  • Decide what event in your CRM should trigger its delivery
  • Include the Send Email action in your workflow
  • When the workflow triggers, will merge the template with the right lead data from the CRM and send the email though your sales rep’s outbox.
  • Email gets tracked in your CRM


Empower Your Sales Team with Smart Emailing

Personalization and deliverability that changes the game

Custom Message Crafting

Reps can create and share powerful, personalized messages, enhancing team collaboration and effectiveness.

High Deliverability

Using your corporate mail server, ensures emails land in inboxes just like manually sent ones, maintaining your communication's authenticity and effectiveness.

Automatic CRM Logging

Every email sent is automatically logged in your CRM, keeping your data up-to-date and providing full visibility into engagement metrics.

Team-Wide Template Sharing

Share successful email templates among team members, fostering a culture of success and continuous improvement in outreach strategies.

Try out the channels that truly engage

Channels are not created equally. You might discover that one is working better for your prospects or customers than other. We hand-picked channels and their combinations to deliver the percentage of engagement you can close your quota with.


Send Email from CRM Workflow

How do I create an email template in

You can use’s Template Editor to craft the perfect email template. The editor allows for personalization and customization to ensure your messages resonate with your leads. Once created, these templates can be triggered automatically from within your CRM workflow based on specific events.

What triggers can I use to automate email sending with

Almost any event logged in your CRM can trigger the automatic sending of an email through This includes lead form submissions, status changes, or any custom event that you define within your CRM workflow.

How does ensure emails are personalized?

When a workflow triggers an email send, merges the chosen template with the right lead data from your CRM. This process ensures that each email is personalized with the lead's information, making the message relevant and engaging.

Are emails sent through tracked in my CRM?

Yes, every email sent through is automatically tracked and logged in your CRM. This feature provides full visibility into your email engagement metrics, allowing you to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

How does's use of the corporate mail server affect deliverability?

By using your corporate mail server to send emails, ensures high deliverability rates. Emails appear as if they were manually typed and sent directly from the sales rep’s outbox, helping to bypass spam filters and increase the likelihood of your message reaching the lead's inbox.